Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fall Foliage

There are seasons in Second Life. Residents of Caledon have planted leaf shedding trees, illuminating the landscape in red, gold and orange. Caledon and Steelhead are hosting a Harvest Festival this week. I joined the spirit of the season by submitting a scarecrow to a building contest. I came up with a wonky stuffed scarecrow with the face of Ray Bolger. It's defintely a creepy looking thing...I witnessed the parade of the Caledon Lancer regiment, which included an impressive display of uniformed residents, trotting into the night away from the port. Afterwards I spent some time in Steelhead, which, a resident told me "Is like Caledon only weirder". I hung out in a gypsy camp and was offered the opportunity to be shot out of a cannon. So I submitted myself, in a ball gown, to the barrell of a 68 pounder and was shot up over Steelhead into the sunset - huzzah!