Saturday, April 25, 2009


One day I was approached by a newbie in a superman outfit who shouted in my face (even though he was standing right next to me) “Where’s the party at?!” I’ve been to some really great parties lately – the closing for the Pornosophy exhibition organized by LogLady Loon (you can imagine what went on there) and most recently at Poetik Velvets.
The Poetik sim was conceived by Nur Moo and Juju Dollinger, patrons of some of the best artists on the grid, as a place to immerse visitors in art, “concept sound and light reveries” (as described by Bettina Tizzy). Artists are chosen to create something site specific, like the sculpture above by Bryn Oh, and the work is celebrated, animated and complimented with music and visuals through Poetik Parties. This concept works better in SL than at a RL art opening. In the actual world, at an opening that purports to support both art and music, crowds press up against the art so works can’t be regarded, damaging wine is spilled at the feet of sculptures, and no one can hear each other over the booming echoes bouncing off white gallery walls. People self-consciously tug at their short skirts and trendy beards, distracted by everyone but the person right in front of them. And when the booze is gone, so are the peeps. At the Poetik Party the other day I could cam the craquelure of Oh’s sculpture at my leisure, chat to individuals and the group, and boogie all at the same time. And I only spilled wine on my typist. Satisfying!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Black Eyed Dog part 2

When you're not up for it, SL can feel like a horrible sign on, throw some chat out into the metaverse and it feels like it's disappearing into a black hole. I was just about to erase my account when I wondered, could SL offer some form of respite from the blues? I crept along to Aught's field of flowers (discovered through Wyatt :) ) and threw myself down into the cosmos. I thought about Susan Weed and her healing tinctures made from dandelion and nettle. I took a long look at this sim, the ruins being overtaken by riotous growth and sat down in the darkest spot I could find, feeling ruined. Erase the account or not...? Then I felt the glimmering hand of a friend, was lifted up and out of the dirt, and was connected again.

Friday, April 17, 2009

the unexamined life

is not worth living...said Socrates. Gordon Bell takes it to the extreme as a lifelogger - documenting every single moment in his life through audio and video recorders he wears around his body. Molotov Alva documents his disappearance as he moves away from the actual world and is fully absorbed into Second Life.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Birds and the Bees

The birds and the bees, aka true love(some lines overheard):

SEX HUD (wear me) whispers: Balls ready
[10:53] CR: you're pretty new to sl - are you having fun?
[10:53] LT: yeah
[10:53] LT: it's great
[10:53] CR: it's addicting - haha
[10:53] LT: yeah
[10:53] LT: i now
[10:53] LT: and the sex....
[10:53] LT: puff
[10:53] LT: you can made things that never imagine before
[10:53] CR: oh i know
[10:54] SEX HUD (wear me) whispers: Balls ready
[10:54] LT: yeah
[10:54] LT: u know?
[10:54] LT: i have a lover
[10:54] LT: he is crazy for me
[10:54] LT: and buy things for me
[10:54] LT: and give me money
[10:54] LT: and that's amazing