Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Birds and the Bees

The birds and the bees, aka true love(some lines overheard):

SEX HUD (wear me) whispers: Balls ready
[10:53] CR: you're pretty new to sl - are you having fun?
[10:53] LT: yeah
[10:53] LT: it's great
[10:53] CR: it's addicting - haha
[10:53] LT: yeah
[10:53] LT: i now
[10:53] LT: and the sex....
[10:53] LT: puff
[10:53] LT: you can made things that never imagine before
[10:53] CR: oh i know
[10:54] SEX HUD (wear me) whispers: Balls ready
[10:54] LT: yeah
[10:54] LT: u know?
[10:54] LT: i have a lover
[10:54] LT: he is crazy for me
[10:54] LT: and buy things for me
[10:54] LT: and give me money
[10:54] LT: and that's amazing