Monday, April 20, 2009

Black Eyed Dog part 2

When you're not up for it, SL can feel like a horrible sign on, throw some chat out into the metaverse and it feels like it's disappearing into a black hole. I was just about to erase my account when I wondered, could SL offer some form of respite from the blues? I crept along to Aught's field of flowers (discovered through Wyatt :) ) and threw myself down into the cosmos. I thought about Susan Weed and her healing tinctures made from dandelion and nettle. I took a long look at this sim, the ruins being overtaken by riotous growth and sat down in the darkest spot I could find, feeling ruined. Erase the account or not...? Then I felt the glimmering hand of a friend, was lifted up and out of the dirt, and was connected again.