Thursday, October 4, 2007


I logged on and found that Des and Achariya had changed my land. Achariya and I had chatted about it but I was being wishy washy. It all happened a bit suddenly and I loved my plot – but Achariya was so excited to build some crazy garden - and she of all people can create something beautiful that will blend - that I couldn’t refuse her offer to swap. So be it. And so I start from scratch again. My new home is now in the fully established Caledon Stormhold. My plot is on a quiet stretch of coast, quite near Wellsian so I’ll be in close proximity to my new friends over there. The only trouble is crossing the sim into Wellsian. As I puttered across last night I was tossed from my little metal steamboat and fell arse over ankles into the water.

My new neighbors are true Caledonian royalty – Lady Amber Palowaski 15th Baroness of Bauerhoff de Caledon and her wife Dame Abigail Raymaker. They came to my plot and inspected me, very politely, and I felt like I did when I first moved to a house in the middle of the Jamaican countryside – a total outsider. Here I felt like an outsider, scammer, and faker. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to break into this tight-knit community, but will try to make time to fit in some of the activities posted this month:

As I speak with navy captains, half-fairies, shape-shifters and Victorian Dames I’ve been introducing myself as a tinker. I mean an Irish gypsy or nomad, but, this being steampunk land, they’re assuming I tinker with metal and steam. Tinkers don’t built stone cottages I suppose, so I might just raise a tent or park a caravan for a while.