Friday, November 2, 2007

Crushed out on a pony

First Lord of Cymru, Viderian Vollmar, graciously hosted a Halloween shin-dig that went on way past my bedtime. Colleen sent flying bats across the dance floor, ZenMondo Wormser kindly played all requests (Halloween-themed of course), Achariya showed up dressed as a 1970s flight attendant. I wore horns and lizard tail which I think I might keep on for a few more weeks. This being sl my tail will be accepted wherever I go. Everyone, as usual, was up for dancing and banter. The music elicited all kinds of woo-hoots from the crowd and things got a bit rowdy when the ladies demanded that Zen and Viderian take off their shirts (a pretty common demand by the ladies of Caledon, I might add). Viderian said if Zen was tipped 3000 or so lindens in less than ten minutes, he’d go shirtless. Zen’s tip jar was overflowing in under two.

That’s His Grace, shirtless and zebra-skinned. I found myself curiously attracted to His Grace, who is most often found galloping around Tanglewood, usually as a unicorn. I must find an excuse to meet him…