Thursday, December 13, 2007



Colleen working the ruth...

The first ruth I ever encountered (notice the bod? this is a male to ruth transformation)

Getting ruthed is at first a right of passage, and then a slight annoyance. It’s a Second Life phenomena which happens to your avatar now and then. It means that, upon arriving at a destination in sl, your avi will suddenly appear - not in its customized design, but as a homely matron with a lumpen face, a large bottom, a warm wide bosom and an auburn mullet-cum-comb-over. This can feel either unsettling – or freeing. It’s very annoying when it happens after having taken time to doll up for an event. The other nuisance is that you may be ruthed and you can’t see it yourself but others will. So you could be playing it cool, trying to talk business, get romantic, or dance in all your fineries and have no clue that you look like you’ve been twirled through the wash. Evidently Ruth was the first version of a Linden Lab avatar, back in the earliest days of Second Life. She’s a bit of a ghost, haunting the grid.

Here are some photos of me and other friends being ruthed. Send me yours!