Monday, January 21, 2008

Ultimate Frontier

For a tethered-in-real-life adventurer like myself, sl provides ample escape. Privateer Island is vast and fascinating and will ensure carpal tunnel syndrome in my typist. Created by Aley Arai, it’s an environment that includes, in a nutshell, a future earth that has been scorched into a desert, as well as space stations and surprising mysterious portals.

Teleporting there, with my pal Yireh, I found myself on a space station and was asked almost immediately to don a space suit. We hopped into a shuttle and toppled off immediately into an asteroid belt. Though compelled to travel up I navigated down towards a distant outpost and landed gently on one of four docks. The dark starry surroundings and hulking metal structure overhead would have made me feel bleak and lonely if it weren’t for Yireh, who conjures up a sort of Pig Pen swirl of energy wherever he goes. The outpost floats delicately on one leg that serves as the elevator into a series of round pods that balance, erector-set-like.
Our boots echoed along the bracing of the first passage. We opened a heavy door to reveal a most unexpected and beautiful art deco interior. We had reached the “Hotell New California”, a point of respite for the traveler, complete with sleeping nooks and a bathroom. I felt energized and giddy, eager to open every door and to spend time taking in the narrative of the place. Unfortunately, my adventure stopped right there. Yireh, being a bit of a rambunctious fellow, managed to accidentally-on-purpose drop a bomb and got himself banned from the island. Fair enough - Privateer Island deserves utmost respect.

Privateer Island: (

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