Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not too far from my reality

Onwards I head into my next yet-to-be-named-project. I do my best (dr)thinking in fine Irish pubs. Andi and I found our way to this watering hole via the Inksters Competitive Writers' Group's headquarters. The founder, ItsNaughtKnotty Canned, sponsors a very clever daily writing challenge for members. Authors, of any sort, are given two inspiring themes and have until midnight slt to submit their piece. Winners receive 25 lindens and a nice hefty pat on the back from their mates. Yesterday's challenge included:

Who is supporting your medical treatment? What logos and brands would you love to eliminate from your life? Describe a life where every move is dictated by a corporate identity.


Leaping from the single engine plane without a parachute .
Hit that link to read more about the>> INKsters.

Being a dormant illustrator myself, I asked Andi if he might offer a word to work from, that might begin to flex and force my weakened fingers onto a blank page. He chose "brick" and I've been banging my head against a brick wall ever since, in response.