Sunday, March 22, 2009

Siri heavy lidded, half asleep

A while back I was recruited as an illlustrator for Lycos. I met with the company head and showed him my portfolio. “These are great” he told me “But why continue using pens? I haven’t picked up a pencil in five years.” He brandished his art tablet and stylus at me and I knew then I couldn’t work for him. I like to see the hand in the work. I like the erasures and the depth on paper that graphite makes.

MIT professor and cybernetic pioneer Marvin Minksy believes that cyberspace will liberate us from “the bloody mess of organic matter”. In 1991 Michael Benedikt described cyberspace as a New Jerusalem... “If only we could, we would wander the earth and never leave home; we could enjoy triumphs without risks, and eat of the Tree of heaven and not be punished, consort daily with angels, enter heaven now and die.” Can cyberspace offer a place for the soul?