Friday, August 28, 2009

Ok, Alright

Disclaimer: I am jet lagged...feeling loose.

The symbol on the flag above means something like - "Ok, Alright". I think. It is according to the signs that were scratched onto fence posts, sidewalks and walls by hobos on the move looking for safe shelter. Read You Can't Win (a cautionary tale written by hobo Jack Black in 1926).

I read this review of the recent Second Life Community Convention, written by Andrew Sempere aka Tezcatilopoca Bisiani. He describes almost precisely why I find myself continually returning to SL, giving up valuable time to this seemingly intangible endeavor. Community is his operative word and perhaps that's why I starting thinking about the community of hobos...signaling to one another, "hey, it's ok, it's alright, stick around..." . He writes, "Why would an otherwise sane and healthy adult professional work a full work week and then spend hundreds of hours logged into a virtual world? Why, exactly, do we care so damn much? In its specifics, the answer is as varied as each of us, but in general it all ends in relationships, and community, and the sheer joy of building a world with people of like mind." His enthusiasm is motivating, the diversity of his projects is inspiring, and he uses the word "thrilled" in his review. I like.