Monday, June 25, 2007


After logging back on I found myself safely on land, still on Help Island. I was feeling okay. I made my way, carefully, towards the plaza where all the folks had gathered. I noticed a lovely looking "person" wearing a gown covered in peacock feathers. She gestured towards a sign and made beautiful white glowing spheres shoot from her wrist. I hobbled towards her and pressed the "chat bar".

"Hi, I like your dress." She turned to look at me and flew off.
Did I look weird? I suddenly felt sort of shy. What the hell? How can I, an avatar, feel shy?? But there you have it - real life crosses into second life. I couldn't bear the thought of walking down the promenade towards the group with everyone checking me out. Everyone looked so pulled together. So I hovered above the group and watched as chat appeared on the lower left side of my screen. I was eavesdropping! I landed and sat on a bench. I had no clue what anyone was talking about. A huge guy with black wings rushed by. An avie with shining "bling" stood sentry near me, arms crossed. His handle (or name, which floats above everyone's head) read something about a car company. I sat there for a little bit when a nice person named Arri asked if I needed help. Like in real life, I was most concerned about my outfit. I asked how I might change my clothes. Arri promptly delivered a box of clothes to my inventory. I made my way back to the park and tried to edit my appearance. My avatar froze and arms and legs stuck out like a kid preparing itself to be slathered with sunscreen.

All clothing pieces are objects created by "prims", or shapes, that can be edited to create anything from clothes to stuctures which then inhabit the worlds in Second Life. I clicked a few buttons and suddenly I lost my skirt (still had pants on). I then tried to manipulate my hair-do, or "city buns". They floated next to my ears like birds nests and landed on my face. I struggled with the hairy city buns when suddenly an enormous avie who resembled the Incredible Hulk sidled up to me and shoved me. "Here's my anus!" he shouted (through my computer) and he bent over. Thankfully, I didn't see any prim-built arsehole. "Here's my anus!" He yelled again and walked through me. I stood my ground and struggled with my buns...time to log out.