Monday, June 25, 2007

Help Island

The first day went alright. I chose an avatar called "city chic". A tall chick in red tunic and capris appeared and stood around cluelessly in the middle a grassy field on "Help Island", first stop for all "newbies". I pottered around in circles and then tried flying. I wandered over to a road and building that had the atmosphere of City Hall Plaza Boston at 4 a.m. on a Sunday. I tried to drive an abandoned steam roller but it didn't run. I saw the body of another avatar slumped over in a car, otherwise, the place was abandoned. Where were all the peeps?

I lifted gently and rose above trees and structures and lo and behold...there were others. I could see them bustling in a park. I flew toward them, over a vast ocean and promptly landed in it rather than the park...I watched, horrified, as my avatar plunged into the sea. I frantically clicked my directionals as Siri struggled into a speck and then disappeared under the water. I've never felt so bleak.