Saturday, March 8, 2008

World of Interiors

Now and then, during twilight when all looks inviting and curious, I like to stroll around and peer through the glowing windows of my neighbors to look at their stuff. As a curator of personal effects I appreciate character left out on display and objects of personal significance. Perhaps I ought to spend some time writing a few World of Interiors entries in order to feature some of the amazing and wonderful artifacts created and cared for by my dear neighbors.

Here's my little forge house in Stormhold. I don't have too many prims but each thing I've placed makes me feel right at home; above the fireplace is a hex sign offering luck and happiness to visitors, in the corner a 1792 celestial globe by Giovanni Cassini; my beloved Victrola cranks out the tunes of the 20s and 30s, and a mask of the Kwak'wala of the Pacific Northwest Coast (my thesis subject) hangs next to a statue of Charles Babbage (the subject of an exhibition I'm working on for Lovelace).

Keep your curtains open!