Sunday, March 9, 2008


Okay, I may cop all my entries from Bettina Tizzy’s fantastic blog (Not Possible in Real Life) but I must also promote this sculpture by Blackthorne Hare.

In his sculpture titled “Yes”, Blackthorne has frozen a moment in time. A jet blazes into pieces above a busy intersection, about to blast apart the peaceful neighborhood below. Trucks and cars tremor in anticipation – their fate depicted through ghostly shadows.
There’s angst and worry here, a feeling that one gets when things seem too quiet, too serene. Blackthorne is the father of a young child and I can’t help but think how his sculpture describes that moment that parents carry around with them always – the idea that things may just detonate. But there’s hope here too. Directly beneath the nose of the crashing plane is an embrace pose. One could look at this as a moment of utter desolation, an embrace goodbye, or else an unyielding defense against despair through human connection.

The exhibition is up until March 11thgo!