Saturday, January 24, 2009

One Prim Wonder Challenge

Oh innocent prim,

Waiting in sandbox eager

Torn end from end

Horrible haiku – but I’m feverish, give me a break. I was inspired by the One Prim Wonder Challenge, curated by Sabrinaa Nightfire. What can be done with one prim? Let me show you…or better yet, let Sabrinaa.

When I arrived at the site I found myself surrounded by brightly colored shapes, some partly transparent, some gently spewing particles, others squat and still. I felt as though I had happened upon a glass shop in Murano, Italy.

The majority of sculptures seemed familiar to me, early experiments in building. That was until I remembered that each was made of only one prim. I circled round and round trying to figure out how they were accomplished. Some artists worked with surface texture only – allowing the planes to speak for themselves, while others wrenched torus and sculpties into controlled chaos. You have one more week to see the work of fine builders, such as four Yip, who've taken up the challenge. Here are some of the highlights:

palette knives and surgical instruments tango

luca laval's prim keeps a steely eye on visitors

fine craftsmanship by Paula Dix

an sl moodscape by Jojorunoo Runo