Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flesh, Blood and Text

Artist: Alan Dojoji / Alan Sondheim at Experience Italy

“My back towards you as I’m typing…”
“If I find you wet me wet me…”
“I’m so tired tonight but don’t you dare touch me, don’t you, don’t you,
don’t you dare touch me…”
“I will turn dawn I will turn dusk…”
“You, you, you text me, you you you choose me…”

Twisted flocks of figures resembling gummy bears melted into knuckled shapes stream by. I touch them and they dissipate and reappear, like the moods described above by the narrator – a tantric female voice chants over the movement of the figures. “You make me want to throw up in my mouth”. I fly away, uncomfortable. I’ve overheard the narrator’s unedited thoughts…the fetal shapes meld and crosshatch across my view – I’m trapped, as the narrator is seemingly trapped in a dying relationship. It’s beautiful, it’s dark, it’s provocative.

Thank you, Blued, for keeping the mood light, or I would have been knocked, knuckle shaped, to the floor.