Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kissing Your Hand...

Visited the Lost Gardens of Apollo, reputed to be one of the most beautiful sites in sl. A number of shops surrounded the teleport pad, selling period costume, masks, short flouncy dresses, giant green Mohawks. Immediately a very large man approached me and complimented my avie. I looked about 14 compared to this guy. I was up for chat so he when he suggested we go explore the gardens I readily followed. I followed him through the air as we passed over a rosy landscape illuminated by perpetual twilight. Glowing white and orange orbs, a bit like fireworks, floated through the air, water glistened below. We lit on a round landing pad, atop an enormous tower, a bit like the Seattle space needle, where we made ourselves comfortable on a velvet pillowed couch overlooking the sunset. I clicked the pose ball and sat with my legs crossed (making my shoe hang casually from my toes, a nice touch) and my mate did the same. The wind blew gently, the sun glowed in front of us. Avies quietly conversed on nearby towers. The fellow IM’d me (“I don’t like talking in front of other people. It’s annoying. No one needs to know what I’m saying to you”). I found out he was from Canada and then in the chat bar he wrote “Kissing your hand”. Nothing happened so I asked him, “Did you just kiss my hand?”
“Yes. And I LOVED it.” Huh? I just sat there while he made love to my inanimate hand.

I’ve learned that the path of seduction in sl, for many, includes a few minutes of romance in a park, on a beach, overlooking ongoing sunsets, some flirtatious chit chat, then a romantic slow dance at one of the many ball rooms and then wham bam to a sex bed equipped with pose balls. So I knew I had to split the scene before this dude locked a sex collar on me. We flew up in the air towards the dance floor, and, though it could have been completely easy to just teleport away and leave the guy in the dust I made a polite escape. You wouldn’t want to leave someone hoping for “romance” all alone on a lonely spikey tower in the metaverse. Or maybe you would?