Sunday, August 19, 2007

Particles and hair-dos

Joined the ethnographers of second life and partied in Caledon with a bunch of dark victorians.

Figured out how to shrink the size of my head so I can wear a variety of wigs...any votes? Have to say that I'm not really a shape-shifter. I tried out silver and spikes and thigh highs and chaps, but I'm afraid what you see is what you get. I'm definitely in sl as myself and stick with my traditional Siri look which is hippy rocker chick - check out my motorhead t-shirt!

Spent some time in the particle lab and built a campfire and magic glowing cube. Even made snow but my cloud looked like a transparent blue olive, so got to work on that.

Went to Joseph Cornell exhibition in rl and was so inspired I raced home and pasted together a collage involving a puffin, a supernova and an illustration of the sky above the southern hemisphere. Interested in carrying the idea of Cornell boxes that can be walked through in sl...

Stanford University is working on the "Presence Project" in sl The project attempts to re-animate the existing archive of filmmaker, installation and performance artist Lynn Hershman Leeson. Her records are now housed in the Special Collections Library at Stanford University. "Converting the archive into a digital format of hybrid genre will allow users of the content to dynamically revisit the past while simultaneously expanding the audience for this material". I spent a bit of time in NeWare - the sim dedicated to the project. The collaborators had taken one of Lynn's photographs and rendered it into a 3-dimensional space that you can walk through, changing the perception of the original document...manipulating and reworking the past. I've sent a note to one of the project managers, who happens to be an archaeologist, to see if he'll spend some time with me. This seems to be a reintepretation of the past that traditional archivists work hard to is the science of archaeology applied to what is experienced by the viewer as an art installation.